Solid Overlay Timber Flooring


Solid Overlay flooring comes in wide range of Australian and imported species, in 12-14 mm thickness, in 80, 83,85, 90 , 112, 130 mm width (depend on a species) and different Grades: Select, Standard, Natural, Full Feature.

It can be laid (glued) directly over any dry, structural subfloor including plywood, particle boards, concrete slabs.

 It is cost effective, an environmentally friendly, renewable. 

Overlay flooring can be re-sanded as any traditional solid timber floor. 

You will appreciate the warm and inviting colour tones. 

You will get not only the traditional beauty of wood but you also gain practical advantages, such as: lasting good looks
               warm in the touch
               stain resistance
               easy to clean
               low maintenance

Available in: 
Tasmanian Oak, Aussie Whites, Blackbutt, Golden Oak, Pearl Beech, Jarrah, Karri, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Blue Gum, Brush Box, Copper Cherry, Kempas, Rose gum, Tallowwood, Turpentine , etc. 

Manufactured from timber sourced from legally and sustainably managed forests to international standards.

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