Oak Engineered Timber flooring


Premium Wide Plank  Engineered Oak Flooring.
Oak flooring has been very popular choice of flooring for centuries.
Our natural European Oak wood flooring sets the worlds standards for :
                               engineering excellence
                                      wood quality
                                       complete stability
                                       customers finishing options
Beautiful wide plank flooring makes a striking centre piece for any home, it will bring an extraordinary result to interior design, design you will enjoy for years and years.

It will automatically increase the value of your home.
Available in a range of different colours: Natural, Urban Natural, Chocolate, Catania, French Grey, Pale Grey, Smokey Grey,  Mink Grey, Midnight, Royal Pearl,White Wash, Sandy Oak, Budapest, Cambridge, Berlin, Chelsea, etc.  

This pre-finished floor can be very easy installed by gluing directly to the sub-floor or as a floating floor, using underlay and gluing tongue and groove.
The multi-layer flooring has 4 mm top layer of real Oak.
It has a fantastic  hard wearing and long lasting finish, non –allergic and dust free.
Each board has a micro bevel along the lengths of the boards.
Easy installation, dimensional stable, environmentally friendly.

Engineered oak flooring is the perfect solution for all your more demanding flooring requirements.
It is very durable and stable product, unlike solid wood flooring is unaffected by changing humidity.
Today’s heating and cooling system, when combine with seasonal fluctuations, subject wood floors to extreme temperature and humidity changes on a daily basis. When constantly subjected to these changes, wide planks, non engineered solid wood tend to show deficiencies: they can gap between the planks, cup across their width, and wrap along their length. Only engineered floorboards overcome these natural tendencies of solid wood.
Engineered Oak floors multilayer’s structure gives extra stability.
The Engineered flooring has the ability to adjust and withstand the variance, when the humidity levels fluctuate.

The top layer Oak 4mm and 6 mm veneer is bonded to 11mm and 15 mm hardwood plywood. Because of the thick top veneer, the flooring can be re-sanded as many times as any traditional T&G flooring.

Oak engineered flooring is long lasting, stable and durable. It can be laid as a floating floor, or  by gluing directly to the subfloor.

The Engineered Oak flooring collections consist of a choice of wood colours, board size and flooring finishes, some boards available unfinished, so it can be coated with your favourite colour or finish, and gives you the chance to finish your flooring exactly to your specification.

The high quality manufacturing makes this type of flooring not only durable but also easy to install on any surface: over timber sub-floor, concrete slab, etc.

It is suitable for under floor heating.

Engineered flooring environmentally friendly, this is green product and manufactured from timber sourced from legally and sustainably managed forests to international standards.

The manufacture was assessed against the following standards.

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